Prominent Alumni

Prominent Alumni

Ms. Pooja Yadav

Designation : Infection control nurse Awards / achievements/key projects Government medical College & Hospital Gondia Biggest achievement : Merit listed as 4th rank in DMER 2018 , Selected in AIIMS ,.Nagpur (NORCET 2021) *Unique thing about SN College of nursing- My tenure at MKSSS will always be as the most valuable and precious memory with me for ever . At my beloved college I was shaped , groomed and made competitive to face new challenges of life , whatever good I have achieved so far , as because of expert supervision and guidance of Principal and teachers. Thanking you !

Miss Nancy Wesley

Designation : Designation- Nursing Tutor Awards / achievements/key projects initiated training for staff nurses during covid 19 second wave . Trainers at Pradhan Mantri Yojna for the course of skill development training Biggest achievement : Ms. Nancy Wesley who is the alumina of Sitabai Nargundkar college of nursing of course Basic BSc nursing have achieved Chancellor's gold medal in the subject Obstetrics and gynecology at the Msc nursing from Datta Meghe institute of medical sciences Achieved Vice Chancellor’s Gold Medal in the subject Obstetrical and Gynecology at M.Sc. Nursing from Datta Meghe Institute of Medical sciences *Unique thing about SN College of nursing- My college is very unique because of the supportive faculty. Foundation is so important which has helped to get my higher education with such an award .Faculty and my college has help me with the personality development because of which i was able to achieve what i have achieved .The exposure i have gained during my training has help me grow more independent and confident in my life .

Anjali Ramani

Designation : Nursing Officer in AIMS, Nagpur Award /achievement / key point : One year in PGIMER, Chandigarh as a nursing officer. Two year experience in cardiac ICU (wockhardt heart hospital) as a staff nurse. Biggest achievement : Cleared and selected in 5 central government exams and 1 state government exam, exams are as follows. Central government exams:- NORCET AIIMS exam 2020 for AIIMS Nagpur, AIR- 20 PGIMER, Chandigarh 2019 AIR-20, single girl selected from Maharashtra. Banaras hindu university (BHU) 2019, AIR- 161 Combine AIIMS exam ( Bhopal, Patna, Raipur And Jodhpur) 2019, AIR-1045 AIMS Raipur 2019 State government exam:- DMER 2018 rank -215, selected for GMC , chandrapur. Unique things about, MKSSS S. N. College of Nursing : Excellent teaching faculty Provides opportunities to get experience in top hospitals of Nagpur Well equipped labs for every subjects Better placement for final year students Well experienced and qualified HODs for each subjects Encourage extra curricular activities. How studying in MKSSS college helping you in your profession: Studying in Mksss helped me in this ways while studying in my college i.e., Maharshi Karve college of nursing, I got the in depth knowledge, and for that I am specially thankful to my teachers, who were always there to teach and guide me. And because of getting the opportunity to work in top hospitals like wockhardt and care hospital, I got necessary practical knowledge which is still helping me climb the leader of success and inner satisfaction.

Ms. Harshada H.lanjewar

Designation : community health officer Award /achievement / key point : I got my job as CHO as I pass out my graduation I use my complete knowledge to work hard for community people in covid . Biggest achievement : I achieved corona warrior certificate from state of Maharashtra. I achieved highest marks in obstetrics & gynecology in final years & second rank in the class. Unique things about, MKSSS S. N. College of Nursing : I feel lucky to be the part of MKSSS institution that gave me opportunity to recognize my hidden qualities & abilities. I am thankful for each & every faculty members for being always supporting, caring & helpful. How studying in MKSSS college helping you in your profession: The things which are learning in MKSSS institute are very much helpful in my daily field work. My leadership qualities & communication skills are improve due to curricular activities conducted in my college.

Ms. Neha N. Samarth

Designation : community health officer at (sc- masala) PHC kondhali Award /achievement / key point : Got appreciation for good management to control covid spread in village in 2021. Unique things about, MKSSS S. N. College of Nursing : The thing I admire the most about Sitabai Nargudkar Nursing college is the support from teaching faculties. The clinical experience from various hospital’s. and all the favorable environment. Whatever I achieved just because of my teachers. How studying in MKSSS college helping you in your profession: Studying in MKSSS help me in my professional as well as personal life day to day. Because our college polished the personality and memory both… To treat the client To counseling the patient To provide health education I feel my work is easy to do just because of my study and experience. Thanks to MKSSS.

Ms. Pooja I. Bisen

Designation : Nursing Officer at Alexis Hospital Award /achievement / key point : Activity participation in state level nursing conference. Topper in GNM, PB BSc academic year Proud movement of being a team member of bone morrow transplant in Alexis hospital. Biggest achievement : Post. Basic BSc 1st year MUHS got gold medal in summer 2019 examination. Unique things about, MKSSS S. N. College of Nursing : My college not only concentrates on fulfilling the curricular objectives but also overall personality. The thing I admires the most about MKSSS college is the support I secured from teacher. I wouldn’t have achievement without that helpful environment. How studying in MKSSS college helping you in your profession: Sitabai nargudakar college has one of the best college, has helped me to enhance my knowledge maximize my leadership potential, and giving best opportunity to further study.

Ms. Renuka V. Katode

Designation : Nursing Officer at GMC, Gondia Award /achievement / key point : Skilled with labor room related procedure. Manage all Gyanac realated emergency. e.g. ND, Episiotomy suture, management of Eclampsia etc. Took Dakshata training which is based on ‘LaQshya’ labour room quality improvement initiative held at health and family welfare training centre Nagpur and skill lab training includes labour room and newborn care under health and family welfare training center Nagpur. Biggest achievement : Got selected in DMER 2018 4th Merit in Year 2015 From Nashik University in Basic Bsc Nursing Unique things about, MKSSS S. N. College of Nursing : There are so many good things to say about my college but I personality feel there is one very unique quality about SNCON is that students who don’t know their capabilities. Talent but SNCON recognizes it and then its like diamond craving. How studying in MKSSS college helping you in your profession: Studying in SNCON helped me in many ways, after completing my 4years I am kind of different personality, it helped me to boost my confidence… my capabilities, multitasking skills, teaching skills where so improved…whenever I go people do ask where did you studied? And I proudly answer MKSSS SNCON…and I really feel blessed that I am part of SNCON.

Ms. Shivani Ramtekkar

Designation : Basic BSc 2016 to 2020 Award /achievement / key point : Initiated formal patient care and quality protocol in Wockhard Hospitals, Nagpur Child and mother care; special pediatric training in N Nelson Hospital, Nagpur Professional session on empathetic communication in Workhard Hospital, Nagpur. A well set covid-19 pandemic nursing care training in Workhard Hospital, Nagpur Initiated covid-19 vaccination for NMC project at Workhard Hospital, Nagpur Unique things about, MKSSS S. N. College of Nursing : The thing I admire the most about S N College of nursing is the support I received from the faculty. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that loving and caring environment. The huge empower I gained that help me to sharpen my strengths and to worked on my weakness. I am so glad to have my MKSSS family; I will admire you always. How studying in MKSSS college helping you in your profession: SN College of nursing is played such huge role for me in academies as well extra curriculum and also helped me to enhance my knowledge . all teaching, non- teaching staff was so helping in mature. this college helped me to overcome my weakness an to increase my strength. This college having best management towards knowledge part. Which helped me to sharpener my qualities

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