What makes Sitabai Nargundkar College Of Nursing For Women (MKSSSCONW), Nagpur different !

We at Sitabai Nargundkar’s College of Nursing for Women (MKSSSCONW) are committed to deliver the best academics and clinical training which are the building blocks for not only a nurse but a good citizen as well. We believe in.

  • The values that contribute for the overall development of a person,
  • Enabling and encouraging our students to participate in various intercollegiate and inter university competitions.
  • Bringing up social awareness through activities of NSS.
  • Personality development through cultural and sports events in college.
  • In developing student nurses with a multidisciplinary outlook.

At MKSSSCONW, We are devoted to provide quality nursing education in following manner.

  • By employing the teachers/ professors who believe & practice in latest knowledge sharing methodologies.
  • By providing the best conditions for teaching learning process.
  • Focus on fundamentals of nursing, nursing science’s , principles and also on broadening the skills of student nurses through practical training.
  • Interaction with eminent experts from academics and Clinical area on every subject topic of university syllabus and upcoming technology.
  • Through continuous programs such as Personality Development and Communication skills development.

The depth of our efforts towards creating good nurses is by means of .

  • Provide In-depth knowledge of nursing science’s and technology and making the students ready for research and innovations.
  • Broadened curriculum and adding skills which are essential for professional and personal growth of students.
  • Organizing regular I workshops , Seminar Conference for the students.
  • Special guidance, coaching and remedial classes and conduct of regular tests and seminars.
  • Providing up-to-date notes and sample answers for each subject.
  • Regular assignments covering each topic and conduct mock Viva-Voce.
  • Constant interaction with parents to discuss the progress of their ward.

MKSSSCONW Departmental Objectives

Aim : This course is designed for developing an understanding of the modern approach to child-care, identification, prevention and nursing management of common health problems of neonates and children.

Objectives: At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  1. Explain the modern concept of child care and the principles of child health nursing.
  2. Describe the normal growth and development of children in various age groups.
  3. Explain the physiological response of body to disease conditions in children.
  4. Recognize different pediatric condition/ malformation.
  5. Identify the health needs and problems of neonates and children, plan and implement
  6. appropriate nursing interventions.
  7. Identify the various preventive, promotive and rehabilitative aspects of child care and
  8. apply them in providing nursing care to children in the hospital and in the community.
  9. Perform assessment and provide nursing care to critically ill children.
  10. Maintain record and report at clinical settings.
  11. Counsel and educate the children and their caregivers.
  12. Promote research in the field of child health nursing.

Aim : This course is designed for developing an understanding of the modern approach to mental health identification, prevention, rehabilitation and nursing management of common mental health problems with special emphasis on therapeutic interventions for individuals, family and community.

Objectives: At the end of the course student will be able to:

  1. Understand the historical development and current trends in mental health nursing.
  2. Comprehend and apply principles of psychiatric nursing in clinical practice.
  3. Understand the etiology, psychodynamics and management of psychiatric disorders.
  4. Develop competency in assessment, therapeutic communication and assisting with various treatment modalities.
  5. Understand and accept psychiatric patient as an individual and develop a deeper insight into her own attitudes and emotional reactions.
  6. Develop skill in providing comprehensive care to various kinds of psychiatric patients
  7. Develop skill in providing comprehensive care to various kinds of psychiatric patients.
  8. Understand the importance of community health nursing in psychiatry
  1. Encouraging people to actively participate in their own health care.
  2. Working together with other primary health care providers such as general practitioners (GPs) to provide coordinated care.
  3. liaising with other health agencies and service providers to fill service gaps.
  4. Encourage individuals and community groups to actively participate in the centre’s activities, including service planning, fundraising and volunteer work.
  5. Promoting presentation of lifestyle-related diseases and conditions.
  6. Developing health care programs and activities to improve social and physical environments in the community.


  1. Identify demographics characteristics of health determinants & community health resources and maintain good rapport with individuals & groups
  2. Diagnose health need of individuals and families and also provide primary care in various health centers.
  3. Counsel & educate individual, family & community and prepare community profile.
  4. Assess and diagnose the health need of individuals, families and community people and provide them comprehensive care.
  5. Organize school health programme to create awareness among school childrens.
  6. Organize group for self help and involve clients in their own health activities.
  7. Participate in all national health programmes including family welfare services.
  8. Counsel and educate individuals, family and community
  9. Collect vital health statistics and maintain records and reports.

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to acquire knowledge and develop proficiency in caring for patients with medical surgical disorders in varieties of health care settings and at home.

Specific Objectives: At completion of the course the student is able to:

  1. Describe the causes, signs and symptoms, treatment and prevention of medical surgical conditions.
  2. Demonstrate skill in carrying out nursing techniques and procedures in keeping with scientific principles.
  3. Discuss nursing process and provide nursing care to patients with various medical surgical conditions.


Medical Surgical Nursing-II

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to acquire knowledge and proficiency in caring for patients with medical and surgical disorders in varieties of health care settings and at home.

Specific objectives: At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  1. Provide care for patients with disorders of ear nose and throat.
  2. Take care of patients with disorders of eye.
  3. Plan, implement and evaluate nursing management of patients with neurological disorders.
  4. Develop abilities to take care of female patients with reproductive disorders.
  5. Provide care of patients with burns, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
  6. Manage patients with oncological conditions
  7. Develop skill in providing care during emergency and disaster situations
  8. Plan, implement and evaluate care of elderly
  9. Develop ability to manage patients in critical care units.

AIM: To develop the student’s concepts and principles in Midwifery and obstetrical nursing, and to helps them to acquire knowledge and skills in rendering nursing care to normal and high risk pregnant woman, neonates and participate in family welfare programme in hospitals and community settings.


  1. Recognize the trends and issues in midwifery and obstetrical Nursing
  2. Describe the normal pregnancy, labor and peurperium and demonstrate the applicationof knowledge and skill in giving need –based
  3. Describe indication, dosage, action, side effects & nurses responsibilities in the administration of drugs used for mothers.
  4. Demonstrate safe management of all stages of
  5. Identify the high risk factors during pregnancy, labor and peurperium as well as neonates and take appropriate interventions.
  6. Implement mass health education.
  7. Participation in national health programmes (MCH)
  8. Encourage research activities.

AIM: At MKSSSCONW, To assist the students to acquire knowledge of the normal biochemical composition and functioning of human body and understand the alterations in nutrition in diseases for practice of nursing.


  1. Understand the concept of health & nutrition.
  2. Understand different types of nutrients, their importance, sources, functions and problems due to deficiency.
  3. Planning of balanced diet for individuals and groups.
  4. Explain methods of effective cooking and food preservation.
  5. Apply the principles of food preparation in the practical field effectively.
  6. Understand the modification in diet as disease / and condition.
  7. Calculate the nutritive values while preparing the recepies.
  8. Awareness and implementation of various national nutrition programme.
  9. Safeguards the reputation of nutritional practice.
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