Essential Qualification and Eligibility Criteria for following posts are as follows:

Post/Qualification / Experience 

Job Profile 

Sr. No. 





Jr.Clerk through  Contractor  (Nursing  College, Nagpur) 

1. Graduate from Recong. University  

2. Knowledge of Computer MS  Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)  & Tally  

3. Typing English & Marathi  Essen/ally  

4. Preference will be given to who  has experience of worked in  

MUHS, Nashik University 

Correspondence with MUHS,  Nashik and Other authority.  Students Admission/ Exam and  other related work  

Maintain record of  


Any other work allo6ed by  authority. 


Hostel  Matron (Girls Hostel) 

1. पदवीधर मान्यता प्राप्त विद्यापीठ

2. पद राखीव (फक्त महिलांकरिता )

3. वसतीगृहामध्ये राहणे आवश्यक

4. अनुभव असल्यास प्राधान्य

Hostel related assigned work


Aachari  (Suswad Canteen) 

1. 10 वी पास

2. मेस / कॅन्टीनमध्ये काम करण्याचा किमान 2 वर्ष किंवा अधीक अनुभव असणाऱ्यास प्राधान्य

1. Cooking South Indian, North  Indian and Chinese food  etc.  

2. Any other addi/onal work/  duty allo6ed by in-charge /  Samstha authority 

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